Andrew Mohsen

Andrew Mohsen

andrew mohsen

Andrew Mohsen of Flatland Brewing Co.

Andrew Mohsen is the founder of Flatland Brewing Company located in Elk Grove, CA.  Alongside being an owner, he is also affiliated with the Sacramento Area Brewers Guild. His spot on The Guild was granted after his peers elected him a position on the Board of Directors. Mohsen is also a member of the California Craft Brewers Association and the Brewers Association. Mohsen is also involved in charitable events in his community as well. The Flatland Brewing Company and its team routinely participate in most local fundraisers and charitable events such as Future Farmers of America and Caring for Kids. In efforts of bettering the community, Mohsen explains that his favorite aspect of working for The Guild is rebuilding the Sacramento brewing community to truly utilize the potential that Sac’s beer scene has and that other members recognize as well.


Although Mohsen’s brewing career is an impressive one, he did not attend any brewing schools or receive any formal education; most of his copious amount of beer knowledge comes from lots of books, forums, and podcasts. He describes that his first spark of interest in brewing did not develop through reading a textbook or after his very first sip of an authentic craft beer (Sierra Nevada Pale), but when he homebrewed his first batch of beer and “got the ‘bug’ quickly”. It was at this moment that Mohsen decided his career path. He landed his first job working with beer as a bartender. Eventually, he started engaging in the local brewers’ scene in 2011 while he was working at a home-brew supply store. Here, Andrew Mohsen started entering home-brew competitions. To fast forward a couple years, he’s now been, collectively, brewing his own beer for nine years.


With Flatland Brewing Company now having been successfully running for one year, the ambition continues to grow into a fully operating, one-of-a-kind brewery that features unique, rotating assortments. The diversity of beer styles and the rotating beer list that the team at Flatland focuses on is probably the most praised aspect that the customers take home. At Flatland, no one should expect just a typical brew of just 10 different IPA’s. They really work towards adding a twist to traditional styles which in turn lets them get creative during the brewing process. Of course, this is besides the tasting room that is described as quaint and cozy for its customers. Not only does Flatland exercise accommodation for their regulars, but the environment as well. In efforts to recollect as much water as possible, local farmers will pick up the spent grain and Flatland exclusively works with biodegradable chemicals. Andrew Mohsen notes that if he could give one word of advice to someone considering opening up their own brewery; it would be perseverance.


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