Tom Karvonen

Tom Karvonen

tom karvonen

Tom Karvonen of Oak Park Brewing Co.

Karvonen’s beer experience goes further than just his spot on the Board of Directors for Sac Beer Week 2017. Although beer and brews have been held dear to his heart for over 25 years, his admiration for craft beer first started sprouting during his youth in high school which spun into his activeness in the guild today. Tom Karvonen is the owner and founder of Oak Park Brewing Company whose love for full flavored beer has not only inspired his eloquently ran business, but has also won him several awards for homebrewed beer and was also named in “Best of Sacramento”.


Karvonen joined the Board of Directors for the Sacramento Area Brewers Guild when he decided to offer up his name in hopes that he would be able to help promote Sacramento as the unique and vastly growing beer-destination town that it is. His support for his guild not only demonstrates his interest in educating his consumers, but also his appreciation for community based events. Of course, this ambition comes from his desire to further support the guild in its endeavors to encourage the growing industry and Sacramento. Tom Karvonen and his team participate in most of the brewfests in the Sacramento region throughout the year. They’ve partaken in Capitol Brewfest, Art of Beer, Raley Field, California Craft Brewers Festival, and annually are a sponsor for Oak Park Gather.


After learning more and more of Karvonen’s beer experience, it becomes hard to believe that this his completely self-taught home brewing eight years ago was his very first job in beer. Five years later, he appeared in the local brewer’s scene when he announced his Brewery-In-Planning and started getting involved. All of his other brewing enterprises have sprouted from his original spot as the founder. Today, Tom Karvonen has been successfully running his company for a little over two years.


Oak Park Brewing Company is proclaimed to be most known for their balanced beers with British and Belgium influences. Not only does the brewery feature great food that pairs well, but the wide variety of draft beers, beers on tap, and fine wines are also an acclaimed part of the menu aside from a totally different approach to beers that Oak Park focuses on as a way to set itself apart from just the average hoppy beer you’d find anywhere in Sac. Of course, the food and drinks aren’t the only thing keeping the customers coming back! The relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant and large outdoor patio that, additionally, was voted to be the best dog-friendly patio in Sacramento is another aspect that keeps business blossoming.


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